With some noticeable exceptions, the state of techonology in the world of the New Guardians and the Champions is current day. Those exceptions are listed below.

Biomechanics is a sub-discipline of kinesiology that is generally defined as the application of the principles of mechanics to animate motion. Essentially, it’s engineering for organic bodies. The field is wide-ranging, from pure research to business applications, even the theoretical (it was biomechanical study that revealed that dinosaurs had bird hips, which changed the way that T-Rex was portrayed). This is Dallas (Bantam) Damon’s field of work.

Several advances in chemistry and bio-chemistry have granted various abilities to some people.

  • HEAT – a drug developed by Dr. Killdare that grants the user a super-charged metabolism and the ability to generate tremendous heat. It’s highly addictive and prolonged usage is fatal. The drug was made in part from the blood of the former superhero (and Freeze’s sister) Body Heat.
  • FLASH – a derivative of Heat engineered by Dr. Killdare and The Unicorn, this drug grants the same metabolic enhancement as Heat as well as the ability to generate bolts of electricity. The drug was made in part from the blood of Lightning Bolt.
  • PUMP – a derivative of Heat engineered by Dr. Killdare and The Unicorn, this drug grants the same metabolic enhancement as Heat as well as greatly increased bone density, resulting in increased strength and durability. The drug was made in part from the osteoporosis drug developed by Dr. Alyssia Masters.
  • RAGE – the unknown formula that grants increased physical powers to the Rage Twins.
  • The Unicorn also developed, in tandem with a team of kidnapped scientists, a mutagen that when ingested grants a person electrical powers, if it doesn’t kill the host first.

Force Fields
Force fields developed by Morningstar Enterprises have been on the defense market for several years, and when they advanced to allow one-way operation, the private market exploded as well. Morningstar Fields are used everywhere from doors and windows to, in high-rises and upper-scale homes, entire walls, ceilings and roofs.

Gene manipulation is widespread. Dr. Abdul Muhammed together with Alexander Stansford (PsiLord) developed a process that triggered mutant latency, causing an immediate adaptation to the environment. In this way they created the paranormals Mortar and Prism before Muhammed used it on himself, becoming Vulcan.

The FBI’s Top-Secret Project Prometheus is another experiment in bio-genetic manipulation, this one focused on heat- and fire-based effects. It has successfully produced Spitfire, and somewhat less successfully produced Salamander, Flashfire, and (somebody else).

Human cloning has also been accomplished, although with limited success. The supervillain known as The Unicorn created several clones of Lightning Bolt, but they were fatally flawed: they were mentally unstable and none survived more than a few hours, either due to cellular degeneration or their electrical powers going haywire.

Apart from the developments in other areas of technology, one notable event in particle physics was Dr. Anya Anagal’s accidental creation of a portal into another dimension, one that appeared to be a mirror of this one, except people were evolved from dinosaurs rather than apes.

Powered Armor
This tech has been relatively little-used, its primary practitioners being Scott Branson, Simon LeBaron, the Comet (his Weapon Masters), and to a (much) lesser extent, Ernest Peckinpaw (the Piper) and Charles Nichols (Chopper).

Also an under-utilized field (after The Gap, that is; prior to that robotics was rather well advanced).
Recent developments in nano technology under the direction of the National Security Agency resulted in the Top Secret SENTINEL program, nanobots that can be preprogrammed with various abilities and then ingested by a soldier to provide protection and “powers”.
More “traditional” robots (man-sized, roughly humanoid) are in the early stages of development. Most notably are those used for security at the super-prison Stronghold.

There are tons of high-tech weapons. Perhaps most known to the general public are the UV (Ultra-Violet) rifles created and proliferated by Leigh Johnstone’s alter-ego, Moonstone. At one point several rifles fell into the hands of Indianapolis street gangs.


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