Brotherhood of Senghala Team Page

The Brotherhood of Singhala is a small yet dangerous group of religious fanatics based in Sri Lanka, named after the first recorded King of ancient Sri Lanka, Vijaya Singha. They hew to ancient Indian myths, which to an extent were real: demons (asuras) indeed exist, and the Brotherhood has rediscovered the secret to harnessing their power.

The Brotherhood’s origins are lost to antiquity. It has always consisted of businessmen and politicians from all factions of Sri Lanka society but never in any great numbers until a few years ago. Political unrest in the country sparked a surge in membership, and it appeared that finally they had enough key people in government, the military, and the private sector to grab power.

In addition to summoning demons, the Brotherhood is pursuing four legendary gemstones:

Mind Gem – Red; Telekinesis, Ego Attack, Telepathy, Retrocognition
Soul Gem – Blue; Mind Control
Heart Gem – Purple; Body alteration powers
Karma Gem – Yellow; Luck/Bad Luck, probabilities

When brought together, they form the Unity Gem, bestowing cosmic power upon the wielder. The Unity Gem was bestowed upon King Vijaya by the gods so he could mold the world in his image, but he feared it was too powerful to be wielded even by him, so he broke it into four pieces and scattered them to the four winds.

Jack “Baron Mind” Jones currently has the Mind Gem, it’s the source of his power. The man from whom Jack stole it had himself stolen it from a small museum in Eastern Europe. The Brotherhood had been searching for it for over a century but, until it was used, had no way to locate it. Once the original thief activated it, they were made aware of it and tracked it down to Jack.

Brotherhood of Senghala Team Page

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