Native Lyrians are made up of two intelligent species, the Aqua-Pura and the Kahleccent*. The Hyla invaded the planet centuries ago and due to their higher level of tech and amphibious nature, dominated both native races. Recently the natives have been winning greater political freedoms, and in fact A.P. technology now nearly equals that of the Hyla.

*The names are the best translations that could be made of the native words, with varying degrees of success.

Aqua-Pura (natives, water beings)

  • Largest undersea culture on the planet
  • Long occupied by Hylans and treated poorly
  • Non-humanoid – essentially a colony of sentient water molecules
  • Limited shape-shifting ability

Kahleccent (natives, air breathers)

  • Non-humanoid (insectoid)
  • Long occupied by Hylans and treated poorly

Hyla (non-natives, amphibians)

  • Humanoid
  • Dominant culture on planet, above and below

The Hyla is the only official space-faring race but they’ve done it by utilizing a lot of A.P. tech.

Decades ago a Hylan ship was stolen by a group of A.P. dissidents and travelled to Earth, where the lone survivor managed to meet and impregnate a human female, much as his ancestors had mated with land-dwelling humanoids to produce the Hyla. The result of that union was the hero Torrent.

Issue 37 – Water Water Everywhere


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