The Mind Gem

A fist-sized, faceted red gem


The Mind Gem is one of the Four Universal Jewels (the others being the Soul Gem, the Heart Gem, and the Karmic Gem). Combined, these four gems form The Unity Cluster, which (legend has it) bestows god-like powers to the possessor. The Chosen One is prophesied to combine the gems and guide the unification of all the planes of existence into true, lasting Oneness.

The Mind Gem grants its wielder powers over the mind: the ability to create illusions in another’s consciousness, the ability to see into the past, and the ability to project willpower in a physical manifestation of force.


The four Gems were scattered a thousand years ago, after a mad cleric managed to combine them briefly and threatened all of existence.

This Gem surfaced in America, several years ago. It was stolen from a display of 10,000-year-old Siberian trinkets. The petty thief had no idea the true power that he had; he placed it in a turban and used its magic to further simple cons as a stage magician and medium. Jack Jones then stole it from him and, and after using it to save a family from a burning building, decided he would use the power of the Gem to help others (see Baron Mind).

The Brotherhood of Senghala tracked the original thief down just after Jack had stolen the Gem. First they hired a professional rival, Smiley Jenkins, to simply steal the Gem back. Failing miserably with that, they beat out of Smiley the location of Jack’s former partner, Elinda Lopez (aka “”/characters/miscountess" class=“wiki-content-link”>Miscountess"). They found her and began to torture her for Jack’s location. She bargained with them: she hated Jack for abandoning her, so she agreed to dedicate her life to finding him and retrieving the Gem. Little did she know that they intended to use her as the host body for a summoned raksasha. She attempted to attack Baron Mind, and had the Gem in her grasp, before the Guardians defeated and arrested her.

The Mind Gem

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