The Karma Gem


The Karma Gem is a brilliant yellow. Currently it’s mounted in an ancient Sir Lankan medallion.

The Karma Gem is one of the Four Universal Jewels (the others being the Soul Gem, the Heart Gem, and the Mind Gem). Combined, these four gems form The Unity Cluster, which (legend has it) bestows god-like powers to the possessor. The Chosen One is prophesied to combine the gems and guide the unification of all the planes of existence into true, lasting Oneness.

This Gem grants its wearer a magical aura of Luck. He or she is virtually impossible to harm. It is rumored to have other abilities as well.


The four Gems were scattered a thousand years ago, after a mad cleric managed to combine them briefly and threatened all of existence.

This Gem recently resurfaced around the neck of a Chicago gangster named Vinnie Pestano. A rival, Bobby Lucese, killed Pestano with the help of the Brotherhood of Senghala and a demon-possession ritual.

The Guardians, specifically Baron Mind, then took the Gem from Lucese.

Issue 33 – Chicago FIRE!

The Karma Gem

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