Vulcan (Muhammed Abdul)

Uncle of Leigh Johnstone (Moonstone)


Abdul stands 6’ 4". He’s a muscular Black man with close-cropped hair. He’s clean-shaven and has no costume, he typically wears very expensive business suits (which are frequently burned off of him when he transforms into Vulcan).

He last appeared at the Indianapolis Airport, where he and his team fought off the Guardians and made away with Moonstone, whose partnership with The Unicorn had just ended.

Family Ties
The Enemy of My Enemy


Abdul is the uncle of Leigh Johnstone, aka Moonstone. He became her legal guardian when she was nine, after her father (his brother) and mother were killed. He has exploited her split personality, especially after she gained her powers.

He teamed with PsiLord to create a new team. They recruited Conductor and through various experiments created Prism and Mortar. Abdul underwent the process himself and became Vulcan: his normal appearance is a man of solid, gray metal. He can also generate massive amounts of heat and cause his body to become semi-fluid, like molten steel. This matter he can then eject in damaging blasts or burning entangles, which then quickly cool and harden back into steel around the target.

To complete the team, after Stronghold was emptied by The Gap, Abdul added Bounder.

Together, Abdul refers to his team as The Foundation.

Vulcan (Muhammed Abdul)

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