Famous water mutant


She looks like a woman made of water, because she is. She does not wear clothing because they would be soaked. She almost always has something(s) floating in her. Like her phone, ID, Credit Cards, normal things people would carry. She can be tall and skinny or short and fat. She prefers tall and skinny.


Kawailani Kaimana is 28 and single. Everyone knows who she is.

When Kawailani was born, her mother thought her water had broken, but really her baby came out. Luckily the mother was standing in soft grass so the baby was ok. The doctors had no idea what to do and in turn the parents had no clue. Luckily over time her parents just learned (through trial and error) she just needed clean water to stay alive. She sleeps in a bucket (a pretty bucket). She doesn’t eat, but she does need clean water daily.

Both parents are completely normal. Her mother stayed home to raise her. Her father is a machinist. They never had any more children. The first birth was weird enough. They love their daughter very much, but were worried about having another “challenged” child. They don’t see any thing wrong with her, but they do know she will have difficulties in life. Both are still living. Neither of them want her to be a hero. They don’t want her to be a villain either. They want a “normal” life for her.

Her parents taught her everything. She didn’t go to school because she was too much of a distraction for the other children. She wasn’t sheltered, her parents just found it easier to homeschool her. Becauxe of this she graduated school at 16 and got her masters at 20 in Mechanical Engineering. She works for Raytheon here on the east side of town making better engines for their drones.

She has been in the news many times. Of course her birth was all over the news, as it is rare for a mutant to be born. Several times through out her life the news would do follow up stories to see how life is going now for the “Water Baby.” Everyone keeps asking her why she doesn’t try out for the Guardians since she can do some really cool things with her body. She has thought about it, but it just never seemed right. Especially since they are all over the news for having done some bad things lately.


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