The Unicorn


The Unicorn is 5’7" out of the armor, an even 6’ with it on. The suit is a black, red, and gold design with a full-head helmet featuring a menacing horn.

The armor greatly enhances her natural talents and hides various weapons from blades to miniature missiles.


Watching her father, the international gun-runner known as The Unicorn, waste away and die a bitter, broken man was too much for Cassandra Knowles. She spent her considerable inheritance enlisting the best operatives from around the world to train her and build for her high-tech weapons beyond those her father used to traffic. Only one thing was on her mind: to make Lightning Bolt suffer as her father did.

She has contacts all over the world, and thus has access to bleeding-edge technology in any field of science, from weapons tech to cloning. She has maintained her father’s trade.

Bantam is Born!
From One Jail To Another
The Enemy of My Enemy

The Unicorn

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