Crazy ex-wife of Sid (Vapor) Sinkowski


Stiletto is 5’7" with shoulder-length red hair and green eyes. She wears black and purple armor made for her years ago by Simon LeBaron, which is now in disrepair. The armor boasts two energy ‘blades’ but they now work only sporadically, so she also carries her old standby: a katana.


Cindy Stilwell was an angry adolescent, that’s where her sociopathy first exhibited. She rose from petty theft to assault to murder very quickly. Her first stint in prison was the realization of a cliche: it made her a better criminal. Much better.

On parole she met up with Sidney Sinkowsky, a meek chemist with the ability to generate and control gasses. Between her manipulation and his honest infatuation with her, they became a supervillain team: Disc Jockey and Killer Fog. She fashioned crude weapons around her chosen motif and they went on a crime spree, occasionaly running up against the Guardians.

Sid eventually escaped and not long after, she discovered she was pregnant. She spent some time hunting Sid down before she decided to turn herself in so the baby would be born in a safe environment. He was immediately placed in a foster home while Cindy was jailed. She escaped, of course, and hooked up with Charles Nichols (aka Chopper), bonded by their shared hatred of members of the Guardians. They fought the heroes and were beaten and both were jailed. This time they were both broken out by Simon LeBaron (aka the Obliterator, aka Warmonger), recruiting for a new team of armored villains known as Heavy Metal. He built her a new suit of armor complete with energy blades. They took on the Guardians and lost; this time they were both taken to Stronghold.

Then The Gap happened, and they found themselves free again.

Cindy has retrieved her son (10-year-old now) and murdered his foster family. She’s now after Sid for child support, since he’s earning a salary with the Guardians.

A Heat Time in the Old Town Tonight
Monday Night Sing-a-long
Issue 32 – The Revengers


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