Blue Streak (Shannon Shenandoah)

Former girlfriend and side-kick of Lightning Bolt


Shannon is petite, blonde, and beautiful. As Blue Streak she wears a blue-and-black costume. The electricity she generates is blue.


Shannon met Lightning Bolt shortly after he opened The Knockback. She worked for him for a couple of years until she was kidnapped and tied to an electrical pylon during a thunderstorm. During her rescue, a bolt of lightning hit LB as he was grasping her. The electricity flowed through him and into her, granting her electrical powers.

For a time she operated sporadically as his sidekick, but she wasn’t cut out for heroing. Shortly after she mostly retired, the Rage Twins happened into the bar as she was closing and beat her nearly to death.

In a medically-induced coma, she languished in the hospital until mysteriously disappearing after a couple of weeks.

She has recently returned as a member of Maelstrom’s Revengers.

Blue Streak (Shannon Shenandoah)

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