Moonstone (Leigh Johnstone)


Moonstone is a rather short and very beautiful Black woman. She wears a silver costume with yellow boots, gloves, belt and cape. A glowing purple gem is fused to her right palm. Her powers exhibit purple effects.

Lightning Bolt Is Dead!
Party Time
In Pursuit
Family Ties


Leigh Johnstone saw her wealthy parents murdered in front of her very eyes when when she was nine years old, a trauma that caused extreme hysterical blindness. She was raised by her uncle, Muhammed Abdul. The horror of the experience also caused Leigh to develop Multiple Personality Syndrome. Her second personality, Moon, could see, and tended to manifest at night. Unlike Leigh, she was emotionally dead and amoral with no memory of the tragedy.

While camping with her uncle a meteorite struck nearby. Moon investigated and found at the heart of the small rock a glowing purple stone. When she touched it, it fused to her palm, giving her tremendous powers.

Abdul began to exploit the girl’s powers, as well as her father’s fortune, but was limited to her Moon personality; Leigh somehow suppressed her powers when she was Leigh.

Moonstone (Leigh Johnstone)

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