Elinda Lopez was a stage magician’s assistant and part-time petty thief. Partnered with magician Jack Jones, she made a decent albeit itinerate living.

When Jack stole the Brotherhood of Sangala’s Mind Gem (and became Baron Mind), she was incensed that he left her. Hell hath no fury, as they say…when members of the Brotherhood showed up to beat Jack’s location out of her, she offered them a deal: her service in exchange for the power to retrieve the gem and kill Jack. The Brotherhood accepted.

The Brotherhood’s speical focus was Demonic magics. After years of training to control the power that would be hers, Miscountess became the living container for a Rakshasa in a painful, bloody ceremony. Via the demon within her, Elinda was able to tap into its abilities: shapeshifting, illusions, and blood lust.

Demand A Miscount
Issue 32 – The Revengers


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