Kid Green

The big, strong, green new kid on the block


Kid towers at 6’7" and tips the scales…okay, breaks the scales…at 1500 pounds. His skin is a forest green color. When in his civilian guise his girlfriend Amy has been known to use copious amounts of makeup to conceal his skin color.


Only 19, Jake was working in his father’s lab when he was accidentally injected with an experimental chemical mix meant to boost the production and heartiness of corn. He awoke in the wreckage of his bed to find that overnight he’d grown into a huge, heavy, green mass of muscle. He has recently graduated high school and is taking online college classes. He also works overnight in his father’s biochemical laboratory on the campus of IUPUI. Because of the reaction of others to his size and skin color, Jake stays home or at the lab if at all possible.

Kid Green

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