Friction stands 6’ tall and wears a costume of black and orange. When he’s moving slowly enough that you can see it.


Dr. Richard Kildare was a brilliant but arrogant hematologist, specializing in blood mutations. He jumped at the chance to treat Melody James, Brandy “Freeze” James’ sister, when she mysteriously fell comatose.

His ambition got the better of him, however. He secretly tapped the girl’s blood and developed a synthetic version that proved to be a highly addictive, and destructive, drug he called Heat. In the right dosage and ‘tuned’ for his blood, Heat gave Kildare super powers: superspeed and the ability to generate intense heat by creating strong friction.

Continued use of the drug, however, was killing him. He sought out help, and Mohammed “Vulcan” Abdul responded. Using research developed by his company, the same science used to create PsiLord’s team Deathgrip (including Abdul’s own vulcanic powers), Kildare’s speed and heat powers became permanent, and enhanced.

He once attempted to gain control of the city’s gangs, more to organize a systematic raid on area blood banks to fuel his research, but also to generate income with which to pay back Abdul. He was stopped by Umbra, Deathwatch, and Black Spider. Now Friction directly works for Abdul, recruiting new henchmen for Moonstone and further perfecting his mad concoctions.

And So It Begins
Introducing KID GREEN!
Lightning Bolt is Dead!
In Pursuit
Issue 32 – The Revengers


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