Conductor is tall and skinny (6’, 110 pounds) with small cornrows and grayish skin. She cares nothing about her appearance, still wearing the tattered dirty prison clothes she was wearing the night of her attempted execution. She resists any attempts to clean her up.

She can generate tremendous amounts of electricity, using it to surround herself with a protective field as well as projecting devastating blasts.


Once a murderer on death row, the night of Latisha Williams’ execution instead became the night of her rebirth. The electric chair triggered her latent mutant genes and turned her into a living battery, able to live off of electricity alone and generate massive amounts of energy.

It also drove her completely insane. She now worships (and prattles on endlessly about) the Lightning Goddess. Her victims are considered sacrifices.

She was quickly recruited by Muhammed Abdul for his villain team The Foundation.

Family Ties
The Enemy of My Enemy
Issue 32 – The Revengers


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