One-Man Army


Brigade is 6’3" tall, a very fit 250 pounds. He typically appears in camo pants and a brown or green “wife beater”. His dark hair is close-cropped. His spare wardrobe is festooned with weapons, everything from knives to hand grenades to swords. He carries so many weapons because he has to pass them out to his duplicates when they’re created. He also carries five sets of the same clothing, for the same reason.

When a duplicate is killed (or the original Brigade is knocked out), the copy slowly disintegrates into nothingness.


Bruce Wallace is a mutant who discovered during his teenage years that he could manifest up to five exact duplicates of himself, identical in every way; especially in the desire to aggressively one-up the others. They act with one mind, but they don’t like each other much.

Brigade originally appeared working for Maelstrom, but since The Gap has hooked up with the villain Ditty.

Monday Night Sing-a-long


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