Bouncing bad


Bounder appears as a gigantic gray ball with a tiny head, wearing a tiny cape. His body is literally made of rubber: he can stretch his arms and legs and is virtually impervious to physical damage. Bounder has a strong Cockney accent.


Elton Peckwith was born in South London and joined the British Army when he was only 16, lying about his age. After a stormy enlistment which saw him constantly in trouble and finally court-martialled, he became a mercenary, fighting for warlords and dictators all over the globe. While in Southeast Asia he gleefully burned the rubber tree crop of an entire village. One old woman cursed Peckwith in an ancient tongue, and in the morning he awoke to find his body was made of rubber. He had become a gigantic bouncing ball. This he did not like.

But he learned to like it very quickly. While his new-found condition didn’t lend itself to mercenary work, he could still rent himself out as muscle to supervillains, who tended to pay much better than tinpot dictators and ‘freedom fighters’. He was eventually caught by the Guardians and imprisoned in Stronghold. While there he met Muhammed Abdul, who offered him membership in his villain team, The Foundation.

Family Ties
The Enemy of My Enemy


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