Baron Mind

Mysterious wielder of psychic powers


Jack Jones was a stage performer, purveyor of cheap magic tricks, puppet work and some acting. One night Jack saw a poster for a traveling show which featured magic tricks. He decided to go and was amazed at the things the show’s headline act was doing. The Mysterious Mindstone seemed to exceed mere illusion, to truly be using telekenisis.

Jack became so enthralled he decided to take a closer look. After the show he snuck backstage and looked over all of the costumes the performer had worn that night. The only constant was a turban the man wore on his head which held a red jewel. Jack, wanting to know more about this jewel, decided to “borrow” it.

He slowly learned that the gem indeed granted the wearer the power to move things with his mind, and after months of practice he noticed it could do even more.

Years of perfecting his powers through obsessive trial and error, and honing his new stage act, Jack noticed his lack of physical activity was taking its toll. He had lost considerable weight and was beginning to find even the most routine exertion to be tiring.

The day came when Jack was leaving his home to head for the theater when saw on the news a building fire nearby, with people still inside. He decided at that moment he could use his powers for good. Wearing his stage tuxedo and the jewelled turban, he went to the scene and without going into the building he was able to rescue those hanging out of the windows. He was interviewed and labeled a hero. Asked for his name, he considered his appearance and said simply, “Baron Mind”. He knew at that moment he would use his ill-gotten powers to help others.

In addition to telekinesis, Baron Mind has the ability to see into the past, or the near future, of his surroundings.

Baron Mind

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