Arthur Donaldson

President and CEO of Guardians, Inc.


Arthur Donaldson is six feet one inch tall and slightly overweight. He is balding with a fringe of gray hair, clean-shaven, and is constantly waving an obnoxious cigar.


Founder, President, and CEO of Guardians, Inc, a private, for-profit paranormal security company.

Although he’s not completely heartless (he has allowed the team to operate sans fee on occasion), his primary concern is the bottom line. But it’s not just greed, he thinks heroes provide a vital benefit and wants to make sure they can still operate privately. He doesn’t trust all paranormal power concentrated in the hands of government.

And so far, mostly from shrewd licensing and marketing deals which have made the Guardians superhero celebrities despite their keeping mainly to the Midwest, the company is a growing operation.

Arthur Donaldson

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