Albert’s tactics are simple: blast away. He can form a tight beam of anti-matter, or cause it to explode. His body is surrounded by a field of constantly regenerating and annihilating matter and anti-matter particles which serves as a force field. He can also channel this energy to fly.

Occasionally Albert with use his ability of anti-matter compression to shrink to miniscule size.

Albert is an entitled, smart-ass teenager of 15. Overconfident, brash, dismissive of nearly everything, he’s a goth with superpowers.

He reveres the memory of his mother, and any mention of her sends him into a defensive rage. He has a love/hate relationship with his father; on the one hand he hates him for not being the kind of doctor who can cure cancer, and on the other hand Edison is all Albert has left in the world.


Albert Carpin was a rebellious youth. His father Edison tried to raise the boy right, but the teen’s anger at his mother’s passing when he was 11 and Edison’s own ineptitude when it came to personal interaction with anybody produced a problem child. When Albert Carpin was only 13, he snuck into the Large Hadron Collider, where his father worked, just in time to witness some of the initial testing. Distracted by his son’s presence, Edison fumbled some controls and he and Albert, along with Edison’s colleague Bjorn Christensen, were bathed with fatally high doses of radiation of all kinds.

Instead of dying, however, the three gained powers. Albert became a living generator of anti-matter. Edison able to summon and control dark matter. And Christensen became a walking microwave emitter.

Together they are now known as the Outlaws of Physics.


From One Jail To Another
The Enemy of My Enemy


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