A highly addictive drug that grants the user greatly increased speed, agility, strenght, and stamina


Increases STR, DEX, CON, SPD, END, grants 25% damage reduction physical and energy. A dose lasts about 10 minutes, and there’s a good chance the user will become addicted to it. The side effects of continued use are brutal, and most of the time, fatal after only a few months.

Heat has recently been further developed into two variant drugs, Pump and Flash. In addition to most of the effects of Heat, Pump grants Density Increase and Flash bestows an electrical blast with double knockback.


Heat was created by Dr. Richard Kildare, a brilliant but mousy hematologist who lost the practice he’d built up over the years to an ex-wife who ran off with his business partner. He vowed to remake himself into an Alpha Male, but didn’t know how until he heard of a comatose mutant, the former superhero known as Mach One, at a private hospital in Chicago. No one was quite sure what had happened to the speedster or why he didn’t regain consciousness. Kildare used samples of his blood combined with the blood of another mutant at the facility, Candy James (sister of Brandy James, the millionaire cosmetics mogul and the superhero Freeze) to create an elixir that granted him some of their powers, and he became the supervillain Friction.

Kildare manufactured a distilled version and began to distribute it to various street gangs, calling it Heat. He addicted more than a few of them and began to consolidate them under his leadership until he was stopped by the heroes Viper, Umbra, and Deathwatch.

He escaped custody, and subsequent experimentation with his drug allowed him to enhance his powers even further, and they became permanent.


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