Smoky Joe


Smoky Joe earned the nickname not only for his chainsmoking habits, but because his mutant power was the ability to cause the palms of his hands to smolder, like a pile of leaves just on the verge of combustion. He could control the volume and behavior of the ash and smoke this produced to a variety of effects, from a swirling cloud that obscured vision to a concentrated blast of searing heat and blinding grit.


Joey DeWitt was the next oldest of the four brothers. He was the one most likely to back up Boyd on anything. The consummate follower.

He owned DeWitt Automotive in DeWitt, Kentucky, but the garage was run mostly by his niece Doris, daughter of Sam (Sneezy) DeWitt.

Joey was killed by Fortress.

Issue 24 – Excuse Me While I Kill This Guy

Smoky Joe

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