Sam Jensen


Sam is an adult male, 21 years old, who is severely disabled. He seems to be unaware of his surroundings and cannot communicate at all.


Sam is the older brother of Jake Jensen (Kid Green) and son of Dr. Douglas Jensen. Sam was born severely disabled, and was taken away to a lab by his father just minutes after his birth. His mother and younger brother Jake were convinced he was dead. Instead, Douglas tried experimental gene splicing of Sam’s DNA with strands of plant DNA, the nascent technology that later would turn Jake into Kid Green. The results didn’t seem to improve Sam’s condition, but had disastrous side effects. If left unsedated Sam can begin to sprout plantlife at an extremely accelerated rate. If he subsequently comes in contact with soil, his body will begin to grow roots and incorporate the dirt into his growing body. It is unknown how large Sam can grow; he reached 51 feet before being stopped by the Guardians (see Issue 25).

Sam Jensen

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