Edison Carpin longed for the fame and accolades reserved only for the most brilliant of scientists. Unfortunately, he lacked the brilliance. He was a very good theoretical physicist but he constantly found himself in the shadows of greater men. So when he was paired with Sweden’s boy wonder, Bjorn Christensen, he had no reason to expect that would change. And it didn’t. Christensen was belligerent and condescending as the weeks ticked by getting the collider ready.

Then on the final day of testing, Edison’s teenage son snuck in to see his dad. Actually, it was to borrow the car and $50. In any case, his son’s presence distracted Edison and he inadvertently began a firing cycle. Unfortunately, the finishing touches on the shielding hadn’t been completed yet. The collidor went into a particle cascade and all three were bathed in massive doses of radiation of every kind.

Instead of dying, however, the three gained powers. Christensen became a walking microwave emitter, but he couldn’t control it. Edison was able to generate and control dark energy and dark matter. And the idiot child Albert became the master of anti-matter. Together, they call themselves the Outlaws of Physics.


From One Jail To Another
The Enemy of My Enemy


New Guardians tsattert tsattert