Lightning Bolt

One of the first superheroes


One of the Original Three superheroes, Lightning Bolt gained his powers after being struck by lightning … the third time. He’s incredibly fast and combat savvy, as well as being extremely resourceful. He carries a shield which he can throw with devastating effect, or through which he can channel a massive burst of electricity. His original shield (a bit smaller, triangular in shape) was lifted from his first nemesis, The Unicorn. He’s since had a new one designed by Scott Branson (Arsenal). It’s perfectly balanced to return to his hand after each throw, and it can withstand tremendous impacts as well as the millions of volts of electricity that LB can channel through it.

He has been the leader of the Guardians, off and on, since the team’s inception.

He owns a superhero themed bar in downtown Indianapolis called The Knockback.

Lightning Bolt

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