A gravity-controlling, free-wheeling, sometimes annoying superhero


Graviton stands 6’ tall and weights 190 pounds. He wears a costume of white with blue highlights, boots, and mask, and black gloves.


Steve is a mutant who was using his powers before he even realized it. He liked to play the horses, and he was inadvertantly using his power to lessen the effects of gravity on the horse he was betting on, making it run faster. The mob running the track didn’t know how, but they knew he was cheating. So they went after him, tied him up, and dumped him and his new cement shoes into a lake. His panic manifested his power over gravity, and he floated harmlessly into the air before he could drown.

Still unsure of the full extent of his power, Steve decided it best to let the mob think he was dead. He packed up and moved to Indianapolis, taking a job as a bank manager under an assumed identity. He also created the persona of Graviton, and promptly stopped his bank from being robbed by the costumed strongman called the Gorilla. He was then invited to join the Guardians, and a long and sordid history of adventures follow.

Graviton’s first appearance was August 14, 1990.


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