Ernest Peckinpaw (The Piper)

Former terrorist trying to go straight


Ernest is rather short (5’10") and mousy. His passion for the underdog led him to develop sonic-based armor and create a group called Paranormals Insisting on Paranormal Rights (PIPaR). Twice he staged events to draw attention to the cause, and twice he was beaten by heroes.

When he found himself freed after The Gap, Ernest decided to go straight. Getting beaten up and imprisoned he found wholly unappealing. Unfortunately he was sought out by another villain who suddenly found herself free, Stiletto. Her armor was degrading and she had no idea how to fix it, so she tracked down Ernest (whom she’d met in Stronghold) and demanded he make her a new suit. Ernest ran.

He ran straight to Indianapolis, to seek asylum with the Guardians.

Arrested Development
Monday Night Sing-a-long


Ernest Peckinpaw (The Piper)

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