Drusilla DeWitt


Drusilla DeWitt is the matriarch of the DeWitt clan, originally from the mountains of South-Eastern Kentucky. In fact, from the unincorporated community that bears her family name, in Knox County.

Drusilla grew up a coal miner’s daughter, the eldest of seven children. Her older brother, Michael, followed his father into the mines. It was a hardscrabble life, and when her father Jacob crawled out of the mine every day he crawled straight into the bottle. Between Black Lung and cirrhosis, his days were numbered. When Michael was killed in a tunnel collapse his will to live evaporated, and he died a few months later.

This left Drusilla, by then 14, to help her mother raise the brood. With no working adults in the family, they tried farming their few acres, growing vegetables to sell in the surrounding towns. Drusilla discovered not only did she have a green thumb, but she could accelerate the growth rate of all manner of plants. She wasn’t sure how she did it, and just a few seconds of effort left her dizzy and exhausted, but it was an incredible feeling to see life bursting forth before her eyes, and to know that she was responsible.

One of the neighboring families, the Ratliffs, grew some pot on their land, and had a virtual monopoly on the trade throughout the county. Drusilla saw an opportunity.

The DeWitts began growing pot, as Drusilla practiced and improved her powers. After a few violent clashes with the Ratliffs, the tide was turned and the DeWitts became the largest pot operation in Southern Kentucky.

As if written by Shakespeare, Drusilla fell in love with a rival, Silas Ratliff. The hatred between the two families was too strong, neither would abide these two being together. So they packed up. leaving the pot operation in the hands of her siblings, and moved north to Indiana, ending up in Ninevah, near Camp Atterbury.

There she gave birth to five sons before Silas succumbed to cancer: Dewey, Joey, Joe-Bob, Sam, and Boyd. As her boys were growing up she found that not only did she have a miraculous green thumb, but she was able to awaken mutant powers in humans.

With Silas gone, and her parents now dead, Drusilla moved back to DeWitt and again took up the family business. Her sons, minus Joe-Bob, moved back to Ninevah.

Issue 29 – Country Cookin’
Issue 31 – Blood And Oil

Drusilla DeWitt

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