Dr. Charles Liefeldt

Kidnapped and troubled scientist


Liefeldt was one of the scientists kidnapped by The Unicorn to perfect a clone of Lightning Bolt. He was present when Bantam received his powers, and helped Bantam get Lightning Bolt out of the facility.

Since then he’s suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. He fears being kidnapped, so much so that he’s barricaded himself in his home. His wife is close to leaving him. He desperately approached Bantam, begging to be given powers too. When Bantam explained that he couldn’t do that, Liefeldt stormed away angry.

Three days later Dr. Liefeldt’s home exploded, nearly killing him. He had set up dozens of car batteries in his basement and doused himself with chemicals in a mad attempt to duplicate the incident in which Bantam got his powers. He was whisked away to a private hospital in Chicago by an anonymous benefactor.

Weeks later, Liefeldt reappeared wearing a black-and-yellow costume, fighting the Guardians with Maelstrom’s Revengers.

APPEARANCES (as Dr. Liefeldt)
Bantam is Born!
Family Ties

(as Sponge)
Issue 32 – The Revengers


Dr. Charles Liefeldt

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