Ditty has appropriated the armor of the original Piper (Ernest Peckinpaw), primarily using it to amplify his “Earworm” power: when he starts singing a song, listeners find it impossible to get it out of their heads, to the point that all they can do is stand there and sing it, over and over again.


Roger Harrison is a twenty-something slacker, the stereotypical Millennial. He still lives at home, he has no job, and he’s never wanted for anything in his life. Consequently, he is restless and bored and stupid.

His teen years were spent latching onto the next trendy cause, until around a campfire one night at the Burning Man festival, his paranormal power manifested. During the second chorus of “Kumbaya”, he noticed that everyone within earshot was stopped in their tracks, mindlessly swaying and singing along. Okay, that’s not exactly strange, given the circumstances. What was strange was they kept singing it, for another hour. Roger excused himself at last and went to bed. In the morning, they were still at it: exhausted, stumbling instead of swaying, mumbling instead of singing, but still going.

They had witnessed the birth of the Earworm.

Over the next few years Roger used his power for petty, personal gain, but it never quite worked out. The Audi salesman who could be distracted by “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” always had a boss in the next room to snap him out of it. They couldn’t remember exactly whom had taken the car, but the cops always tracked it down eventually.

He was a big hit, however, at rallies. His longing for a cause to champion still propelled him from one outrage to the next, and it wasn’t long before people noticed that he had a natural ability to pull people together. It was conceivable that Roger could’ve amassed a huge cult following, but a self-destructive streak emerged. He was continually sabatoging his own success, whether it was stealing from the collection jar to sleeping with a coordinator’s wife.

Then a friend who had worked at Stronghold revealed that he’d made off with Piper’s sonic suit. A nice fat check later, and Ditty was born.


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