Charles Nichols (Chopper)

Long-time nemesis of Lightning Bolt


Nichols stands 5’10" with a full head of white hair, brown eyes, and brown facial hair. He wears green and black armor that sports several circular blades, up and down the arms and legs. The back of the armor conceals large retractable blades that enable Chopper to fly.


Charles Nichols was one of the best helicopter pilots in the Army, flying more combat missions than anybody else. Then he inadvertantly fired on a village and killed civilians, and his career was over. Bitter at his sudden fall from grace, he turned to crime, fashioning himself a suit of armor that featured a dozen whirling, razor-sharp blades.

At every turn, he was stopped by the Guardians, primarily Lightning Bolt. He developed a deep abiding hatred of LB, so much so that it’s everything he can do not to fly into a frothing rage whenever the hero appears.

He has found a kindred spirit in Stiletto. Where one is, the other isn’t far away.

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Charles Nichols (Chopper)

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