Brother Ashari

High Priest of the Brotherhood of Senghala


Brother Ashari is a dark-skinned man with short hair, standing 5’9" tall. He wears the traditional ancient robes of Ceylon, very colorful and festooned with gems of various colors and sizes. He carries a large wooden staff crowned with a huge ruby.


His real name is Kasun Hewage. He was the country’s Finance Minister but he was also a member, along with many other movers and shakers in the government and elite society, of the secret sect the Brotherhood of Senghala. This sect worshipped the ancient gods and plotted to return the country to its earliest traditions.

After The Gap, the Mistress of Gaia inculcated herself with the sect and lent her power and connections to their cause. She quickly became their leader and together they successfully overthrew the government of Sri Lanka. Now the Mistress and the Brotherhood rule supreme.

The Island of Lost Gems
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Brother Ashari

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