Bobby Lucese

The Demon Don


Bobby was a made man, but still low on the totem pole of Chicago’s South Side Marone family. His wife Adrienne was killed under suspicious circumstances, and Bobby blamed Vinnie Pestano, a member of the Scarpelli mob, renowned for his unbelievable luck.

Bobby sought permission for revenge from Scarpelli himself. The mob boss refused, concerned that the evidence was weak, and that any retaliation could start an all-out war between the two families.

So Bobby sought help elsewhere. He happened upon members of the Brotherhood of Senghala. He agreed to turn over to them Pestano’s lucky amulet in exchange for the power of a demon.

Transformed into a flaming, sword-wielding demon, Bobby attacked Pestano in his office at one of Scarpelli’s nightclubs. He murdered Pestano, took the amulet, and burned down the club.

His vengeance complete against Pestano, Bobby is now flush with power and harrassing Scarpelli’s other businesses. He has refused to turn over the amulet, instead killing the small Brotherhood sect that granted him powers.

Issue 26 – The Shocking Dead
Issue 33 – Chicago FIRE!

Bobby Lucese

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