Joe-Bob is on the short side, but he makes up for it with bravado.

The four fighting dogs that are his constant companions are mutated almost beyond recognition. They are 300-pound masses of meat and teeth, nigh-invulnerable and out for blood.


Joe-Bob DeWitt, son of Drusilla, is almost ashamed of his powers: the ability to control canines. The others constantly berate him, and he responds by trying to be better than anyone else. To that end, he’s trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, and with small arms and rifles. He also makes some side money as a dog trainer.

When his four brothers moved to Southern Indiana in a bizarre plot to establish a paramilitary camp, Joe-Bob desisted. But when he was arrested a fourth time on dog fighting charges, he was given a choice: infiltrate and inform on his brothers, or go to prison.

It was his information that led to the DeWitt’s fatal attack on the Atterbury transport.

Job-Bob has two children, Daisy (Dart) and Jeremiah (Captain Awesome).

Issue 29 – Country Cookin’
Issue 30 – Stone Cold


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