New Guardians

Issue 24 - Excuse Me While I Kill This Guy



The Unicorn’s plans revealed! She cackles to Lightning Bolt that she’s spiked the water supply with a pathogen that will grant electrical powers to ordinary people (well, those it doesn’t kill). The cops run with the word that the city water isn’t to be trusted, and the heroes try to get some rest.

The next morning:
Alyssia is asked out to breakfast by Reggie, the security guard who is smitten with her, and suspects that she’s Fortress.

Jake and Amy meet after his shift at the lab. She thanks him for getting revenge on Microwave on her behalf, but assures him that her nanobots can keep her safe. She also warns him not to trust her father.

Reports are coming in that people are spontaneously dying, or erupting in electricity-fueled rages. LB returns to question Unicorn again, and she reveals that she has engineered the virus to be neutralized by only one thing: Lightning Bolt’s blood.

LB notifies the team and the authorities. Alyssia begins working on how to replicate the particular qualities of LB’s blood that constitute the cure, while they put out the call to all Indiana blood banks that they need as much of it as they can get.

Working through the next night, Alyssia and her hastily-assembled team are able to isolate and synthesize an antidote. Innoculation centers are set up around the city and every citizen is urged to get a shot.

A few days later is the next weekly team meeting. As previous events are recapped, Arthur Donaldson saunters into the meeting room, accompanied by a uniformed Army officer and two adolescents.

“Team, this is General Stone. He’s got a situation he thinks we can help with.”

The General, a very fit late-60s, smiles. “It’s a treat to meet you all. I do have something I’d like to discuss with you, but first Mr. Donaldson said it would be all right if my grandkids met you. They’re huge fans and they wouldn’t have let me live it down if I didn’t bring them.”

The children, introduced as Daniel and Harmony, squeal with delight and advance on the heroes, asking for autographs. Harmony makes a beeline to Fortress, remarking that she’s almost as tall as the heroine.

The General shoos the kids out after a few minutes of idol worship, and takes a seat at the table. "The Army has recently learned of a plot by a group of meth dealers in Southern Indiana to hijack a shipment of National Guard weapons headed for Camp Atterbury. Our intelligence indicates that at least two of these people are paranormals, but details are sketchy.

“We’ve leaked to them the shipment schedule. I’d like to have your team on board, ready to respond to their ambush. Catch them in the act. We’ll substitute dummy weapons in case something goes wrong.”

The team agrees, and in three days’ time find themselves riding in a convoy of five deuce-and-a-halfs, one hero in the back of each one.


tsattert tsattert

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